Cómo instalar wireless display dongle

Cómo instalar wireless display dongle

How to connect wireless display to the cell phone

Would you like to use your Pi as a WiFi hotspot? If you want to use a wireless setup and don’t have a WiFi router, or if you want to extend the coverage in a place where you have access only via Ethernet. Or maybe the first step to access the Deep Web (deep internet, invisible internet or hidden internet). Then this is your tutorial.

Actually, for this tutorial you don’t need neither monitor nor keyboard if you do everything via SSH. This guide is based on an Orange Pi 2, but it can be anyone with a WiFi connection, either by hardware or through a dongle. To start we will start with an Arbiam installation and internet connection via Ethernet.

The next thing to do is to assign a static IP to the WiFi connection, so the first thing to do is to disable it if it was started. If it was not, there is nothing wrong with executing the following instruction, so we are going to launch it anyway:

Some observations. As you can see there is a commented line that refers to a driver. This is the WiFi adapter driver. With my Orange Pi 2 I have not needed it, but if you use a dongle or another card, you might need it. The one I used here, the rtl871xdrv is generic, put yours in case you need it. In ssid you can put whatever you want, it is the name of your new WiFi network. In wpa_passphrase=pa22w0rd_extra_d1f1c1l put your own. Save and exit. In order for this file to run, we need to configure the following. Execute:

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Mirascreen chromecast

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Miraplus mirascreen

Qualcomm has developed the first generation of the Wi-Fi Display standard, a technology that enables multimedia content played on the screen of one device to be sent instantly to another device via a direct wireless connection (P2P).

It could also be seen in Windows Phone phones and later in other devices that can take advantage of it: digital video players and recorders, projectors, televisions, tablets and cell phones, among others. Wi-Fi Display can even be enabled in current devices with HDMI connection through a relatively simple and inexpensive accessory.

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This application is able to detect and connect to all bluetooth devices that you have around you, whether cell phones, digital cameras, wireless headphones, printers, joysticks, etc..

But logically, it is not only responsible for establishing the connection with the devices, but we can also perform any task for which the device is capable, thus being able to transfer images or data,

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The handling of the program is totally intuitive, using an interface full of graphic icons specific for each type of device. Once we select one of them, we will be shown all the active devices to which we can connect.

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